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Yangjiang Dxtools Hardware Products Factory (Alibaba)

Stealth Sentinel Tactical Folding Knife

Stealth Sentinel Tactical Folding Knife

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Deploy the Stealth Sentinel, a Tactical Folding Knife built for the rigors of military precision. This blacked-out folding knife is more than a blade – it's a multi-functional tool designed for the most demanding missions. Featuring a built-in window breaker and a line cutter, the Stealth Sentinel is your go-to companion for both urban and wilderness scenarios.

Crafted with precision engineering and durability in mind, this folding knife is compact, yet packs a punch with its versatile features. Whether you're navigating through the field or preparing for emergency situations, the Stealth Sentinel ensures you're armed with the tools needed for success. Elevate your tactical gear with the Stealth Sentinel Tactical Folding Knife - where military functionality meets the convenience of a folding blade.


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